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Forward to Happiness Radio

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Financial Adjustments and Potential

 Sorry for so little posts this week.  It's been a long week of decisions and adjustment.  

 I decided to get a car, after all, since it became apparent that ubers were just going to cost too much in this area to get around.  I'd spend what I spend to have a car, monthly, on them or more.  Of course, choosing to get a car meant searching for a car.  Then, it meant buying it.  Then, it meant getting insurance and registering it.  So, over 1600 dollars in expense later and lots of activity later, that task is complete.  The car still has a crack in the front window, but I can't afford to fix that until next month.

However, since it cost that much, it savaged my emergency fund, causing me to have to increase my workload... AGAIN... to try to make up the difference.  I'll be ok, and by the end of next month will have a little savings, again.  However, it pricked my financial need sensitivity, and I don't like that feeling.  I'm tired of being just on the line and having to work extra hard for things like this, especially after I moved to FLORIDA and especially knowing I don't HAVE TO.

For the last several years, I have been living in the "have to" situation, and it has made its way into my natural response.  However, I am no longer living in the situation of needing to be at home to take care of someone with physical issues that prevented much movement (or so I was led to believe) and to take care of household needs and grocery shopping and etc.  Further, while there are some real physical limitations that I need to consider as I age and deal with blood pressure and etc, some of those issues were caused BY the above activities.  In the week and a half since I have been in Florida, my back has recovered alot, since I am no longer carrying bags of groceries over a mile 3 times a week or such.  Also, starting this year, I was paying for mowing the lawn, so I was not out there swinging a mower every 10 days, like last year, to save money.  So, I anticipate being much more able than I was, even a few months ago.

So, WHILE I am working at a fast and busy pace, I have also been taking a few minutes here and there to apply for jobs.. so far just a few but I have got the application out there.  I already have an IRS application that has been going for months, and I added a new one.  I applied to a few local Dillard's stores, having worked for the company in the past.  I have applied to a few driving jobs.  I am looking for financial jobs, but accounting qualification is tricky.  While I have years of experience in accounting, it is true that most accounting jobs only count experience IN THE TYPE of job for which you apply... all other accounting experience counts as much as a McDonalds job would.

However, I am making enough to keep over the bills and slowly increase savings, but that is dependent at present on Appen, which I have experienced disappearing for months at a time, before.  Without appen, I could increase some other avenues, and while I DO have a car I could use for Postmates, now, it is an older car and would probably not last till the end of the year if I used it to that degree without needing major repairs.  Considering the cost and the benefits the car provides, I am not quick to follow that option.

I do not anticipate there being a stimulus for months, if at all.  Right now, the talks over the second stimulus have stalled and sound to ME like divorce negotiations.  The man is over there saying I'll pay this or that, while the woman of the House has lawyered up and is not even willing to talk to him.  In that kind of situation, how willing do you think EITHER would be to compromise...since NEITHER are thinking of the poor and BOTH are wrapped up in saving their ego.  Pelosi wants a new husband/President and is probably going to wait till and if she can get HIM to pay for her pet projects.  More likely in my opinion, she won't be the person in charge of the House much longer and will be replaced, herself, for being so unsupportive.

I wish my finances were such that I don't have to be in this situation, but that mistake was made years ago, and I must struggle, while those that made and kept me poor move on in ways that show they did not really need my sacrifice nor show concern for my current, resulting condition.  I will be getting a job of some kind and growing that potential, till I have resumed my prior income level and more.  Then, I will get into a good apartment or house, get a better car, and find many ways to enjoy the rest of my life.


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