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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Focus On Happiness

This website will become more general in nature with less personal details, because I have realized a few things...

1.  In order to focus on your happiness, you need to not be spending time thinking or talking about the unhappy things.  You can still make decisions to get away from them, but the amount of time you spend distracted by them is up to  you.

2.  The amount of information that you share of your life, as well as what events you share, is up to you.  If you don't TELL others about bad things in your life...or bad relationships.. they wouldn't even know.  You don't need to tell everything in your life.

3.  It is not important to get approval by others or to overcome their disapproval.  It's your life, and they have no say in the choices you make toward your happiness.  Don't even give them the platform to object.

4.  Society is bent on criticism and destruction, either of others or themselves.  They don't WANT to see the good in your life.  They want to find fault, either out of jealousy or comparison.  Further, they want to feel in control of anything in which they participate.  Therefore, if you ask them to be a part of something in your life, you are asking for their controlling opinions in that part.  However, what they don't KNOW, they can't judge.  All of this is ALSO why I am dropping any political posts.

5.  Finally, while it is good to share your joys, you don't NEED to share something to enjoy it.  Just keep it to yourself and treasure it as a secret.  No one even needs to know about it, ever.  That way it is safe.

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