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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Fear is Stupid

 I used to have the phrase "Fear is stupid" written so that I could see it, often.  I used to explain to my kids that while some logical caution is warranted, FEAR does not accomplish anything but to paralyze you and bring worse things upon you.

What I would use as an example was a car that was sliding into another car.  At first, you are AFRAID you might hit the car.  Then, when you realize you ARE going to, you prepare and brace yourself.  At that point, you are no longer paralyzed or afraid, because your rational mind has taken over.

I first wrote this phrase when I realized that I would often bring anxiety related health conditions upon myself by worry, which disappeared when I stopped fearing...or was just too busy to fear.  Indeed, when I first joined the military, I feared I would not be able to do it, but I did.  When I first started with the IRS, I was afraid the stress would be too much, but I found that to be inaccurate.  When I began running almost a decade ago, I was thinking I might have a heart attack from it.  However, in EVERY case when I dropped my fear or just pushed through it by saying, "If it happens, it happens," I came out of it not only MORE able but more confident.

That has been the result in the last few months.  Two years ago, I had a massive nosebleed that would not stop, and they found I had high blood pressure and cholesterol.  I started taking meds for it, and I adopted a more peaceful life.  I lived in FEAR for two years that if I worked too hard or did too much, I would die, and it seemed to be true as I experienced ANXIETY related conditions and spasms from the attempts.

Then, I was FORCED into action, when I found my financial need had grown, and I had no other choice.  At that point, it became...well, I would either be able to work full time or would die.. and at that point I didn't really see that as the loss I used to feel.  Indeed, my daughter is with my ex and no one needs my money.  I am living on my own, and it is really only upwards from here.  If that ends... well, I had a good life and did a lot of things.  However, it didn't, and the more that I did, the more I found I was able to do and I REMEMBERED all I had said about fear.

Fear is stupid, and it can bring worse upon you by anxiety and paralysis than any downside you can find by jumping in and trying.  Now, as I said, use LOGIC to not do stupid things, but it is also stupid to allow fear to stop you from the potential you can gain by simply trying.

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