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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Happily Discontent - The Value of FEELINGS

 There are so many things that the new series Brave New World has ignited in me to toss over in my mind, and many things in my past that it is helping me to work through.  I, honestly, thank God that it was released when it was for me to be watching.  It's like a great novel that becomes a part of your being with which to consider your world and your direction.

One of the things that it has helped me realize is that there is a sort of pleasure in pain, a virtue in struggle, and a wisdom that is never ending and always nourishing.  I don't think it is possible to really exist as a person without pain, and what would be the point if you could?

We spend so much time trying to be blissfully ignorant and numb to the past and present ills.  However, what we are really doing is robbing us of a half of the beauty in the world.  Yes... beauty.  When your heart is broken, there is beauty in the purity of that break.  When your hopes are dashed, there is a sort of literary story arc of collapse and rebirth happening that would be entertaining and inspiring to angelic or alien observers.  People watching from the future could look back and say, "Here... this is the point when he rises and pulls inspiration from deep within to become something new and better."  We LIKE those stories, and that is why we watch shows and movies that tell them. 

Like the show, we have conditioned ourselves to avoid those feelings of negativity, and we feel BAD when we feel them...stuffing them down or silencing ourselves out of shame.  How DARE we disrupt the harmony of the collective.  In the show, they maintain control by way of pills to block out the bad and increase the feelings of joy.  In our society, that is figurative of so many things from actual drugs to things like romance, comedy, sports, and more.  And, those things are important, but it is ALSO important to FEEL BAD and to for it to be ok to let others feel it.

I struggled whether to put this on this blog, but I realized that it is a PART of being happy, being allowed to FEEL pain is a good thing, and often we find ourselves smiling through our tears, when we have a good cleansing cry or after a session of acceptance and letting things go.

So, as you seek a more happy life, don't forget to allow yourself to feel regret, loss, disappointment, rejection, or dispair.  It is not a step back from your happy journey but is a more firm foundation in your steps, ahead.

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