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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

I'll Die Old Fashioned

 I get angry at times about how I have been treated...or more accurately received.  However, I still believe in who I am.  I'm old fashioned in my values, and I believe they are important...and maybe that is part of why I get angry.

I believe that it is a noble quality for men to sacrifice for their wife or children.  I do... my ANGER or FRUSTRATION comes when that is not respected, accepted, or valued, as it should be.  I was raised to respect the father of the house for what he did, and that is not only not done, now, but it is deemed as a BAD thing for a man to do... too DOMINANT they say for a man to work hard and sacrifice for the entire family and be the person assuming responsibility for them.  They say that that is something that a woman should do, as well as being the woman of the house... giving her full identity and the man none.  So, children protest the father telling them what to do, and the mother...instead of saying respect your father and do what you are told.. says... YEAH, and I don't want to follow your lead, either.

I believe it is a GOOD thing for a man to do things for others that cannot do them.  If someone is sick or restricted or needy, I think it is a good thing for a man to help them.  Then, I think it is right that they say thank you and be grateful for the help that the man gives... the women or children would ALSO want to be thanked for any help they provide, so they should give the man the same courtesy.

It's not just that I have lived this long and cannot change to the modern values of absurdity and devaluing of men.  It's that I CHOOSE to think it is virtuous and honorable to give to others, and that is why I joined the military, sold houses and cars, gave up income and opportunities, paid for tuition, raised babies when the mother was infirmed, and more.  It's who I am, and the reality is that there is little room for that to be liked or respected in our age.

So, faced with the reality that respect for my values is decreasing, I could either change or be isolated.  Given that choice, I will accept my isolation as a badge of honor .. a monument of the ruins of great societies of the past and a reminder that even great things are neglected and discarded.  I will live old fashioned, and I will die old fashioned, even if I have to be the only person who remembers why that is a good thing to be.

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