Saturday, December 12, 2020

30 Days of Providence

 I am going to make my best of all my books available in the coming weeks, and that is going WAY back to my earliest.  In the early 2000s, I did several devotional and religious books, and those have not been available for a long time.  This was the first of them that I wrote, and I still consider it my best.  Are there parts I no longer believe?  It is entirely possible.  However, it is based in Scripture and was born out of true conviction at the time.  So, I am releasing it... and my other books of the time, as is.

30 Days of Providence

This was one of my first devotional books written, while I was still studying the Bible as part of my degree in it, and I combined my learning with my personal and church experience to create this book. At the top of each day of providence study, there is a verse at the top and quote at the bottom from historical and literary sources, and following that there are the full verses referenced in the pages or related to the topic. I still consider it my best devotional work. It had over 1500 free downloads at the time. In our age of anxiety and change, it is comforting to know there can be a hand to help hold ours and guide all things to the best outcome possible. This is published without edit from that year, since I only have those files, so the contact information is out of date. --

 Table of Contents


Day 1 – His Glory in us 

Day 2 – The Lord’s Prayer 

Day 3 – Days fashioned for me 

Day 4 – Greater is He in us 

Day 5 – Praying God’s Plan for us 

Day 6 – God’s Love for us 

Day 7 – Creator God 

Day 8 – The Lord is my shepherd 

Day 9 – Experience shows we can trust Him 

Day 10 – God’s Kingdom 

Day 11 – Being God’s Plant 

Day 12 – Our sufficiency comes from God 

Day 13 – Our friend God 

Day 14 – Strong Tower 

Day 15 – “Fear not” 

Day 16 – Shield and strength 

Day 17 – Angelic protection 

Day 18 – God is a rewarder 

Day 19 – Forgiveness and redemption 

Day 20 – God of life and death 

Day 21 – Our covenant with Him 

Day 22 – The God that doesn’t lie 

Day 23 – Crucified into life 

Day 24 – The “good” God 

Day 25 – God is God everywhere and always 

Day 26 – Cloud of Witnesses 

Day 27 – Giving God our cares 

Day 28 – God’s plan for our Promised Land 

Day 29 – Jesus is the word 

Day 30 – The Lord is with us

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