Sunday, December 13, 2020

Dancing Around Jericho's Walls

 From 2009, my devotional book, Dancing Around Jericho's Walls...($1.99)

Imperfection is beautiful. I’ve learned that a sure sign of a theological truth is often that it sounds absurd to the wicked and foundational to the redeemed. The sentence I said a second ago is one of those truths. It is also a necessary plank in the stairs from sunset to sunrise. When you have passed from anger to denial, you eventually have to turn to acceptance, if you plan to recover from your darkness to see the light of sunrise. The addicted must admit their addiction. The relative of the deceased must admit their loss. The sinner must accept their inability to save themselves and turn to God for help. 
Indeed, ALL of God’s benefits come to those that readily admit their weakness, not to those who are still claiming to be without need. The sooner you recognize the BEAUTY of imperfection, since it leads us to rely upon Christ, the faster you will learn how to deal with it and move on to the sunrise of the morning. 
Dancing Around Jericho’s Walls is all about where you are in your crisis journey. Are you in Sunset, when you feel that all your blessings and dreams have been hit, and you feel defeat? Or, have you started to trust what you cannot see and seek God’s aid and trust God’s Word for your future, empowering him to act? If so, you are in what I call The Darkest Hour. It’s when your eyes and senses are still feeling the darkness of sunset; however you start to trust that the light of Sunrise will soon break into view, and you start to operate on that trust. The story of how your future unfolds is up to you. 
The devil will stalk you and attack. The question is whether you will surrender and accept defeat in Sunset? If not, you can adopt a Darkest Hour mentality and believe God. If so, your story is a HERO story, and your Christ will be your hero. 
This book is laid out in three sections, as mentioned above. It follows ten crisis in the Bible, one phase at a time...Sunset events in Sunset section, etc. Consider how each of those individuals or groups felt at that time, before the next day. Admire the stands of faith they hold in the Darkest Hour. FEEL the darkness of their event, and SEE the light break through changing everything. Be inspired to carry this into your own life. Along side the book’s sections, I have included a quotes section of inspirational quotes in every section, so you can be inspired on every page...even Sunset. Enjoy.

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