Sunday, December 20, 2020

Financial Happiness

 And, this will be the first post in my revived financial blogging.  In the past, I have published a few other blog sites for financial tips and news to help you get more money in a scarce time.  I thought about just using that old blog site, but I think it is a better fit within the context of this site's message.. happiness.  That SHOULD be the goal of earning money.. either your own happiness or the happiness of others.  You have to keep that desire in check to save up for LATER happiness, but it is still the goal of the endeavor.

I will add tips for making money as a side hustle; however, I believe at the current stage in our society.. you DO need a full time employed JOB.  For a while, I tried to make it 100% on my own with my own business, but that has many things working AGAINST it.  First, you can get fluctuations in demand, as this pandemic lockdown has shown us all.  Second, you will have to pay for a lot of things that employers give to their employees for free.  The pay for contractors is not guaranteed by minimum wage, and that isn't about to change.  Every MINUTE of a contractor is paid ONLY for the work that you do, while employees can get up and get a cup of coffee or go to the bathroom or sit in a meeting and that time is paid.  

Now, don't get me wrong.  I still LOVE working for myself, and one day I plan to return to it, years down the road.  At some point, I will slow down, after my future is more secure financially, so that I can better enjoy the ending decades of my life.  When I do that, I plan to be using self-employment as my vehicle for making that happen.  However, the advice that is always given to assisting others is to first assist yourself.  If you are on a plane that is going down, you first put on your air mask.  If you are a soldier that was just hit with a chemical agent, you first put on your gas mask.  Then, you assist others.  In the same way, even if you want to assist others financially and have a period of financial relaxation, you must FIRST earn the money that will make that happen.

So, this TAB on will be about tips for earning and growing that investment in your current and future happiness.  I say CURRENT, because sometimes you have to spend, when it is important.  For example, my saving took a back seat to my need to provide my daughter a good Christmas, this month.

I hope you fill follow along my posts in this area of my expertise.

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