Thursday, December 31, 2020

Godwitch: A Christian Study of Magic

 I wrote this book a few years ago, and while presented with the comparisons between the two and states that it is not against Christianity does point out many failures within the church, such as stealing from other religions and judgment against the will of Christ.  However, on the face of the topic, the book was written with sound intent and passion and contains some very interesting comparison for both Christians and witches of the similarities between practice and overall shared mission.


 Godwitch: A Christian Study of Magic ($0.99 download for kindle or read it in your browser at Amazon) is an educated study of the overlap between Christianity and witchcraft, practical applications, and Scripture readings for the beginning Christian Witch.

Table of Contents
-Help for the Hurting - Faith and Witchcraft
-What is a real witch? (join the force)
-Oh PAGAN True, Oh Pagan Tree
-Words Have Power / Secure Your Home
-The POWER to breathe, walk, and etc
-The Magic of Life
-What it means to make "positive" choices...
-Peace in the Storm.. Light in the Dark
-Diversity Is Magical
-Innocent Witches & They Who Burn Them
-Christians Need Their Devil

Practical Applications
-Lucky Charms and Habits
-Binding and Loosing (Faith and the Craft)
-Love and Romance
-The Biblical Practice of Casting Lots
-Amulets and Talismans
-Knotting Spells
-Casting a Spell Circle
-Witch Jars

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