Saturday, December 19, 2020

Political Page Added

 I spent 3 years warning about the threats posed by the Trump administration's overreach for power and disregard of both the Constitution and the rights of the citizens.  Then... we saw the left swing right into the same groove, and I pulled back and focused most upon the new threats (the SAME threats as Trump) posed by the rising choice in the Democrats.  To be fair, I still do not like Trump in MANY ways, but the left came to reflect a larger threat on those issues that I felt I must speak and did so for the last several months of the election.

Now, as the weeks of the year after the election wind down, I am seeing those things I warned beginning to bud and will soon bloom.

-The party that said they MUST have 3 Trillion to pass a stimulus bill when people were hurting and Trump was trying to send out direct checks, initially signed off on a half Trillion dollar stimulus bill WITHOUT direct checks, last week.  That indicates, as I predicted, they didn't care about the poor and that it was all politics for them.  You will recall that Pelosi called the stimulus stalemate an "opportunity" for the Democrats.  She also, when asked about why she supports a much smaller bill, now, said that it was because there was a "new President," meaning she kept people poor, struggling, and some evicted all to get a man elected.  They are now talking about adding stimulus checks ONLY because Bernie Sanders said he would block the bill to avoid a shutdown, unless it includes direct checks.  You know.. the kind of backbone a President should have... where is Biden, again?

-Meanwhile, the party that blamed Trump for every Coronavirus dead for 6 months has been running their engines full speed in reverse, saying that NOW the blame and responsibility does not fall on the President (Biden) but upon the people that were not wearing masks and such.  Of course, this was ALWAYS the case, but that was the platform the Democrats and left media made for 6 months.. that Trump was to blame.  

-Further, when Trump said a vaccine would soon be available by end of year, the left media and Democrats said it was RUSHED and not safe.  Now, the same companies and same agencies are releasing the SAME vaccines and suddenly it is SAFE... for those that get to have it, which leads me to my next point.  The vaccine company behind it (which just happens to have Biden as their chief lobbyist dollars target and just happens to have been developed by MSNBC co founder Gates) say that they have a shortage and not everyone can have it, so it is going to those that matter... you know... the politicians that are getting it on television.  Meanwhile, the poor that HAD to work outside in the virus to avoid eviction without a stimulus will NOT be getting it, anytime soon.

I have a LOT more to say about a LOT MORE topics, but I will just start with this post for my political page, which will be available on the Politics tab on  I had ceased by blog in the past for feeling nothing would change, and that is likely true.  But, just because it will not change does not mean I can't call out the stupidity that will exist.

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