Sunday, December 13, 2020

 More recently, from my Kimberly Clifton penname, He Said What? .. FREE

I am the author, and I present to you a maturing society, coming of sexuality #metoo story about a woman reaching her dreams, only to them not all that they are cracked up to me and threatening to her own happiness.

One thing I like to do as an author is take a little time to break from the stress to watch an episode of one girly TV show or another. It breaks me away from the stress and seriousness that seems to consume so much of my days, even if it is only a lunch break.

When I began this book, I realized that this is what people need in their lives … Less LONG, drawn-out dramas that they cannot even finish and more episode length stories to break them from their own drama and recharge them with rich plot elements with which they can connect from their own lives, no matter the overall story arc.

So, this is the first of those type of stories. A lunch break or evening read, that you will find well worth it. All the plot elements may not connect with you, but I challenge anyone to read any of my books and not find something that will ring true with their soul and help them work through their own lives, all while finding complex entertainment, as well.

In this story, Amy grew up in a toxic situation in both her family and community, which drove her to achieve to escape. However, the dream she pursued quickly became a nightmare, as she faced her own #metoo moment in the executive, corporate world.

When everything falls apart, her connection to an old friend could spell just what she needs for her career, her heart, and for others just like her.

At less than a cost of a newspaper, I present to you He Said What? Thank you for your time, and I hope you find in it a good read and an inspiration toward happiness.

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