Saturday, January 30, 2021

Happiness is Within

 On the subject of this blog, my post this week relates to happiness.

I named the blog Forward to Happiness years ago, because I believe when you are going through a dark time you need to look forward to something else as a destination and never give up on your happiness.  There were many years of darkness where that was very important to me.  It would only be recently that I paired the years of stress and struggle with the relationship of the time, and exiting that has allowed me to feel good about myself, instead of feeling like a failure of others expectations and requirements.

However, even in that time, I found pockets of happiness within the HOPE of happiness and within myself for believing I was worth it.  It is important to understand your worth, and it is ALSO important to channel your energies to activities that increase that worth.... not for others but for yourself.

There is something to be said of the conservative argument that we should not just give consolation prizes to everyone.  I mean.... it is true that everyone has unique individual potentials for value.  However, that doesn't mean that everyone is AUTOMATICALLY living that value.  Not everyone can do the same things, but everyone can do SOMETHING.  Everyone has potential in them, and they can either try and rise or fold and fail.

So, while it is true that we should not beg for others attention and should wait till we have someone that values us for us, we should ALSO be seeking to be the best US that we can be.  Not all will rise to the occasion, and not all should be given the same success.  It does require us all to put something forth, whether that be reaching our economic goals or providing empathy or refining our bodies.... if we want to attract people and opportunities, we need to be ATTRACTIVE to those things by presenting the best version of ourselves. 

Then, EVEN IF NONE NOTICE, we can STILL be proud of ourselves for what we have accomplished.  In just the last few months of really applying myself to this concept, I have already accomplished much more than the prior 5 years, and I will remember those successes and feel that pride in how I approach the years to come.

So, if you are living in need of happiness, set a goal... but start refining yourself in anticipation of that goal and accomplishing things that will make you shine, when you get there.

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