Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Birth Pains Before the New

There is a phrase that it is always darkest before the dawn.  As someone that both hunted with my father and having been in the military, I can confirm that is true.  It's also the chilliest.  Similarly, your body hurts from exercise before feeling more energetic and at peace as you progress.... and so on and so on.

Childbirth is another example that seems a good analogy of my progress and change.  Having a baby is often something that you may not have anticipated, but once it has begun there is nothing that will stop it till the new is brought forth. 

As anyone knows in those early hours, the moon has left and it is dark, and you KNOW that it is before the light of morning.  That anticipation, as well as seeing the rays of light beginning to show, makes you aware of what you DON'T have.  Then, as the light comes, you see yourself as you are... cold, alone, etc.  It is true that you will soon be in the warmth of light and among others, but you don't see it yet.

Birth pains are the pains that a mother feels, when the child is about to enter their presence.  When they come, you don't feel joyful or enabled to benefit from the changes that are happening.  In fact, the very child of your hope is causing you pain.  Others can say they understand and try to cheer you, but the fact is that they too are tired of hearing of your pains.  They want it all to be over for everyone.

Then, things begin to change, rapidly.

So, if you are feeling alone and empty from the death of the life and day that was all that you knew.  Just wait... suffer through the birth pains with your eye toward the beginning to come.  It may hurt in the process, and you may feel cold and alone, but it is only a matter of time till it ends and you find yourself in a much happier beginning, having birthed your new potential to grow.

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