Sunday, May 23, 2021

Fixed Points to Build On

 I was having my usual wide ranging and deep discussions with my daughter this weekend… before you think I was speaking AT her, she often speaks more than me and brings things up to discuss.  Anyway, without going into specifics, I began to discuss the need for fixed points and how one of the failures of society is that in rebelling against ONE thing or another they threw out ALL that prior generations and society told them, and that is why everyone feels lost.

As I discussed this, I was reminded of this video by Frank Peretti that I saw and I illustrated it in my place with my chair.  For anyone that doesn’t know the name, he is the author of This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness and Prophet that were all but books in my younger years.. like as popular as the Bible.. fictional books that contained angels and demons in the storyline.  I don’t believe all that he believes, and I honestly question some things he doesn’t.  So, don’t watch it thinking I agree with it all.  However, the core concept I do.

So, here I am walking around my room and talking about being in darkness and finding a chair and basing all of my exploration of the darkness in terms of how it relates to the chair… and that makes it all work together and gives me a philosophy I can build upon.

Again, I expand and change this from what he says, because I don’t think it just applies to God or a belief about the Bible.  It can be anything… or “one thing” as analogized in City Slickers.  As you explore and grow… in relationships, work, or life, you need something important to use as your chair to understand things.  That’s also why a breakup is so impacting.  It moves the chair, and you have to find another.

So.. as you go forward to happiness, find things you enjoy or are true about you or your own happiness and build new things off of them until you have built a happy life.  I’d suggest having more than one chair, though.. in case something changes.  But, it’s something to keep in mind.

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