Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Intention and Accident

Many times (not always) when someone says that they accidentally forgot something or someone, it is really a matter of priorities.  They forgot them, because they were not IMPORTANT enough to them.. otherwise, that would have been their focus.

I have noted before that there really isn't that much difference to the recipient if it is accidental or intentional.  Either way, it means that the person doing them or forgetting to do them doesn't VALUE them enough to remember.  Sometimes they forget, because they were hyperfocused on social media, jobs, kids, and everything else in life.  However, all that means is that among all of those things the recipient was the least important thing of value to get done.  OR, it meant that they didn't feel it important enough to SHOW as it is to other people and things.  So, even if it is not intentional, is is still an insult to the recipient.

This also applies to your personal goals.  It takes intentional acts to reach them, and those acts are often difficult.  However, if you avoid the difficulty, you end up with less or without.  You either intentionally save for retirement or accidentally end up poor, intentionally exercise or accidentally get fat, intentionally train for and work jobs or accidentally end up failing at them.  Intention is the difference between something being REAL to someone or just a wish list.

So, remember to live life intentionally, or you will accidentally end up at the end having not accomplished anything.

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