Monday, May 17, 2021

Living a Romantic Life

 I remember when I started high school literature that I was fascinated by the “romantic” poets and their period.  I learned romance wasn’t just a relationship but was a way of seeing depth in life and really feeling and experiencing the world on a sensual and emotional level.

Today, I was reflecting on how our society has lost not only the spark of romance in relationships but the wonder in the beauty and magic behind life.  Everything feels so.. gray and fearful, like a rom com replaced by a horror movie.

My recent music playlists focus more on what I want than what I feel.  I still FEEL the past, but I don’t want to stay there.  So, inspired by The Secret, I’m making an effort to focus on what I desire.. and to VALUE the desire as truth, even if I don’t see it.  I think that’s not only how to repair a broken heart but to find magic in the world, again.

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