Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Meant to Be - Rare

 I thought about doing this as a social media update, but it’s blog worthy, though it will be short.

We hear a lot of people say that everything happens for a reason… that it’s part of a purpose driven or divine plan.  That sounds great, except that it’s not scriptural or logical.  The author of the Purpose Driven Life books had to deal with family tragedy, and the Bible is FULL of evil happening to its stars.  Up till a few hundred years ago one of the best selling historical books was Foxes Book of Martyrs, which recounts post-Scripture cases of a less than blessed life of many that followed the Bible over centuries.  In Scripture, God says that he knows all our days and then tells us there will be loss and tragedy ahead.  So, unless God wants us to suffer, it’s not going to happen according to his desires for us.

I want to bring this back to happiness, though, because it has a role to play.  Specifically, good things DON’T just happen .. nor can they be created by us.  If you could have true love with anyone, why would anyone be special.  If someone is “meant to be,” they are different than other options.  The very FACT that many fails does not mean you are a failure.  It means you are rare.  And, if you are rare or special, the one that DOES work with you is also going to be rare and THAT is what makes it magical.

Everything of VALUE in our world is rare, and the more rare the more special.  So, don’t settle for poor substitutes, as I have often done.  Wait for your hidden treasure and then treat them with the care you give to all your most rare and valuable things.. with honor, respect, protection, and care.

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