Sunday, May 2, 2021

The Secret to Happiness

 It's an obvious statement but one that we forget at times.  People like to spend time around people and doing things that make them happy.  They DON'T like to spend time with people that do not.  This affects both their choices and their attitude around others.  If someone does not make you feel valued and desired, it can make them unhappy.  If someone DOES, it can fuel them to be HAPPY and affect their return actions.  So, an obvious component of moving forward to happiness is finding jobs and people that make them feel important and desirable.

However, we spend so much of our time focused on the things and people that don't or didn't make us happy, rather than focusing on what DOES make us happy.  As a result of that focus, our personality grows cold and dark and does not shine the best qualities of us.  This makes it hard for OTHERS to see our value and can be a self fulfilling prophecy.

There is a movie that I saw last year, and I think I'll watch it again, tonight.  It's The Secret on Amazon Prime, but it's not the earlier documentary like version but the more recent romance version.  In that movie, the lead character changed a woman's like by talking about the concept of the law of attraction and what I've just been talking about.  Instead of focusing on the negative things that have happened and just waiting for the next negative thing, focus on the GOOD and the things you WANT  to happen.  This will help you show the right version of yourself to bring it forth.

Think about it this way.  The person or employer that DIDN'T value you didn't earn the right to have you or benefit from you or to get your best for them, because they didn't see the good in you but the bad.  Others will see that good and deserve your good.  So, why should you withhold that good from others, because you are still thinking on someone that didn't put forth action to have you?  It's time to let that die and NOT use them to judge the next opportunity that won't share the same lack of action.

I understand that it's not that easy and takes time, but even as I struggle with the changes in my life I draw joy from knowing that I am on the right path and better days are ahead.  I want to make myself able to not only receive them but make them happen by my own participation.

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