Thursday, May 13, 2021


Without details, my life has had a lot of changes over the last several years.  During that time, I developed vision for my future, which I used to encourage passion that drove me forward.  I always said that a straight line needs at least two points.. one where you ARE and one where you want to go.  That is what is needed to have direction.  In order to do that, you need to ACCURATELY assess where you are, and you need to pick a point... or points... that you know you can achieve, or you will feel depressed.

Now, that doesn't mean that you won't feel down, along the way.  It is easy to feel disheartened.  It also doesn't mean that you will see the destination in a short time period.  Just as you need to be honest about your starting position, you need to be honest about what it will take to reach your goals and be patient to build the steps to get to them.  And, it DOES take steps... one thing building on another.  It's not just going to happen as a gift or a lottery winning.

However, it's kinda like faith.  When you need facts but don't have them, yet.  Realistic FAITH can work as a substitute... the EVIDENCE of things not seen and SUBSTANCE of things hoped for, as the Bible says.  So, you can REST in patience, knowing that SOMEDAY it will be a reality, if you continue on your path.  

This is also very true for budgets and investing.  When you are in a tight spot but on the right path to extra monthly to invest but don't see it yet, it can FEEL like your path is failing.  In both finances and life, the reality is often that you just haven't given it enough TIME, yet.  Let it progress and build, and soon you will begin to see the facts to match the faith that gave you wings.

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