Wednesday, June 2, 2021

About Me - Past, Present, Future

 I wanted to add an about me post to highlight my accomplishments, contact information, and etc.  I will add it to my featured post widget, so it will remain in the upper right of the blog, going forward.

As noted in the blog, a part of your self respect and path to happiness is not just looking to the future but remembering your good in the past.  This has been even more evident in the last several weeks, when I have felt unappreciated for my successes or how I have overcome so much to date.  However, many don't KNOW those successes, so this will correct that.


Going back to high school, I graduated with high honors from high school, and over the years of high school I got awards in math, science, history, leadership, sports, and more.  In college, I was head of a couple student union board committees, was intra-fraturnity council rep for Kappa Alpha, and more, while I was a youth director at a church and church representative to the general council in the Methodist church.  I served 8 years in the National Guard and two years of active duty in the Army in Artillery, during which time I was the 1SG Driver and training room manager and got the Army Achievement Medal, soldier of the month, and two battalion coins.  I eventually graduated with my bachelors in religious studies from Liberty University, finished all but student teaching of an elementary education degree, and completed an accounting MBA from Devry.  After finishing the MBA, I was a Revenue Agent in the IRS, manager for furniture for Dillards, and was a senior accountant at IBM.  After this time, I would learn and master self employment to go from earning just a few hundred in early months to earning nearly 30 thousand by 2021.  I wrote and self published nearly a dozen books over the years, ranging from devotionals to fiction under my name and female penname Kimberly Clifton.

It wasn't easy and still is not.  I faced personal bankruptcy based on medical bills on two occasions, have been strained by two divorces 10 years apart, and following the last one had to move out... during the lockdown... and move across the country to live near my first ex that I gave custody of my daughter for her sake, having to pay rent in motels from Ubereats and online income... without any assistance from anyone, as has been the case in most of the successes I have achieved.  Without going into details, my last marriage drained me of my assets prior to that period, so I am in the process of rebuilding my income and savings to prepare for retirement in the next 10-12 years... starting from scratch at 49.

So, while some might look at my age and station in life and assets and conclude I am just lazy and non accomplished, I have ... been there, done that.  I used to point it out a lot more, but I have over recent years learned that if others only like me for my assets and accomplishments, they will leave me or ignore me once those things don't exist.  In general, I will live the rest of my life moving towards MY happiness and the happiness of those that support me, and if that isn't good enough for anyone else, they aren't good enough for me.

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