Saturday, June 19, 2021

Can You Imagine?

 "Can you imagine that love?" - Beastly

We talk a lot about self fulfilling prophecies, and it is true.  What you expect from your future will impact what you invest into yourself and others.  Many think that the key is finding others or opportunities in which they can believe.  However, the most important faith is in YOUR value and in your future.  That's the what... the how will come along the way.

Can you imagine a future where you are happy?  What does it look like?  Try to picture it... relationships, finances, etc.  Imagine receiving the things your soul craved but started to feel was out of reach and impossible.  

In relationships, imagine someone looking into your eyes and holding you close.. comforting you on long days and telling you that things will be better, tomorrow.  Imagine their touch, smile, laugh, and kiss.  Imagine not just active days out experiencing things together but imagine the comfort of knowing you are securely loved as you just watch a show cuddled up in bed or on the couch.  All of that can be true.

In finances, imagine not having to work extra hard to not only cover immediate bills but have an emergency fund, just in case.  Imagine being able to take a vacation or vacations to see different sites.  Imagine the peace of knowing your finances in your older years are covered and the freedom to work less if desired, as your body needs more time to rest and recover from simple activities.  Imagine time to spend with your family.  Imagine having enough to not only cover all of that but to give to others in need.

Now... if you can imagine that... what are you doing to bring it about?  Will you give wings to your dreams by your actions, today, or will you see your dreams become cynicism and depression?  Can you imagine that love... that life?  What will you do about it?

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