Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Fear is Stupid

 I used to have a phrase that I told myself, and I've written about this in the past.  However, I used to tell myself that "fear is stupid" and here is why.

Imagine that you are driving along the road and a car suddenly brakes in front of you.  You hit the brakes, and you start to slide towards them.  At first, you try to avoid a crash and you FEAR that you are going to hit them.  Soon, it becomes apparent that you are not going to be able to avoid the crash, and you prepare for impact.  In that moment... after you realized that... your fear disappears, and you begin to act rationally for the situation.

Fear paralyzes you, and it keeps you from the very responses that you need to do.  Some say that it is good, because the adrenaline it produces makes you react to the situation.  However, think about it.  How many WISE decisions have you made when running on fear or adrenaline?  It is in that moment that we often make our worst mistakes, which is why there is always advice to wait till the moment of emotions, passions, or enthusiasm passes to make real life decisions.  If you are in the moments of hormones, anger, or more you can easily lose the forest for all the trees.  Fear is the same way.

Another reality about fear that I realized a long time ago is that it is faith.  Many religious don't understand that, because they have been taught that faith is the opposite and antidote to fear.  However, is fear based on fact?  No... as above, you BELIEVE you will hit the car.  If the car stopped short, that fear would be unfounded, but it is STILL having an impact on you.  Once you know the car is going to hit the car or not, you no longer have to rely on faith and no longer fear.  Fear IS faith... it is just faith in failure.  It is much better to base your life decisions on fact.

You can't stop fear from coming, since it is biological.  However, you CAN overrule it with reason, and it is that reason that has allowed me to pick myself up from the worst situations, and I hope my advice can help you pick yourself up from yours.

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