Friday, June 25, 2021

Follow Your Truth, Meet Your Need

 Everything is presented in such absolute terms, these days, even as people rarely live up to their own convictions.  It's a lot like New Years Resolutions, which last a few weeks, at best.  One reason that they often don't meet their resolutions is other commitments or distractions on way to their goals.  Why?  There are OTHER truths or needs that come into conflict with their own and they give them up.

Now, there are times where this is good.  If you are a parent and your child has a need (as opposed to a want), you will make sacrifices to make sure it is done.  The same is true for a romantic partner, as the purpose of romance is MUTUAL sacrifices to make each other happy... otherwise, there is no reason to be together.

However, a mistake that I have often made in my life was extending that beyond family or close friends to give up myself or my needs for strangers or those that even overwork me or use me with no concern for how it impacts me, let alone want to benefit ME in return.  Let me explain that the end result of that path is similar to my own... later in life finding yourself broke, having given it all away to others who are no longer in your circle since you have nothing left to give.

Despite our assumptions to the effect, there is no one truth that is president over all others.  Let me explain.  It may be true that I need money for my financial needs, and it may be true that YOU need my help for my financial need.  Both are true.  However, you have to think about yourself.  In the military, you were taught to put your own gas mask on before helping another, and they give the same advice for oxygen masks on airplanes.  Jesus said to love others AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.  You can't fill the glass of anyone else, if your own glass is empty.

I would hope that we all want to help others, and I would hope that we do help as much as we can after meeting our own needs.  However, when truths conflict or when needs desire the same resources, you need to think about yourself, because later in life you may be the ONLY one doing so or find yourself alone and depleted from giving to others.  Indeed, many desire you for what you can GIVE to them, so keeping some to yourself not only helps your need but increases your status.  Let me repeat that... if you GIVE to someone, you lose value as you decrease.  If you keep some back, you retain your value... because VALUE is often determined by what we have left to give.

So, don't forget self love and satisfaction as you consider the needs of the world.  The WORLD needs you to think about yourself, before you consider giving to them.

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