Sunday, June 6, 2021

Getting off the Crutches

 This is the first of 3 posts I will have for the night.  I had a couple thoughts at work, and I want to get them all down, before I run out of inspiration.  My life gets busy, and you have to take the time when you can.

So, my first one is called Getting off the Crutches.  It's not really about crutches, per se.  It is about that time, after an injury, that you first use the muscles that are injured... and is an analogy of a lot of other things... like in my case your emotional muscles.

I have made a few attempts at getting back out there... by that I don't mean date.  I haven't actually done that, but I have signed up for dating apps and talked to a few people at times and then deleted the apps and so on and so forth for many months.  Lately, I have enjoyed conversations with people in passing at work... not saying any necessarily would work out, but it was the first time that I had actually opened up enough to even have a conversation, let alone more, with someone other than online, and most of those online are married, live far away, etc.  Even so, sometimes even those that are even in my mind not an option helps to at least re-develop conversation skills.

I have a section on the right side of my blog of music videos that are called Stepping Out of Comfort Zone. Typically, those songs are songs I liked when I was beginning to consider getting out there, have the self confidence to start doing it, and dealing with the risks/realities of it... including being open to interactions that may not lead to anything but lets me.... flex the muscles, so to speak, and sometimes those are the moments that DO lead to something, when you aren't controlling it.

When you are coming off an injury, your wound or bones might be healed, but your muscles have atrophied from non use.  It can take a little while to re-develop the strength to stand, and that can take a little while.  However, it's the only way you grow, and even if I am scared I have to keep taking steps on my own till I find I am dancing.

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