Sunday, June 6, 2021

No Discounting Yourself

 When I first started working back in retail, I was putting out stock, and the visual manager was talking about how we don't push discounts to the front but the non discounted stuff.  I thought that was a bad idea at the time, because I figured that people would like discounts and it would attract more buyers.  However, I have had a month to observe and learn.

There ARE people that rush to discounts and will only buy something if it is price reduced.  Usually, those people are very aggressive about the discounts, and they want to OWN things of quality without having to put in the money or work to get them at normal cost... see where I am going with this?

Meanwhile, there are others that won't even LOOK at something that is discounted, because they automatically assume that if something is CHEAP, there is something wrong with it.  There is DEFINITELY a life lesson in that one, too.

Do we really want to be just another cheap item for people to score, or do we want to be so UNIQUE and eternal that we hold our value, beyond them getting us?  Usually, things that are really cheap cannot be returned past just a few days, so their value is gone beyond purchase.  Meanwhile, things of quality can be resold for years to come.

I think that in my own life, I need to apply this lesson and stop trying to give myself away or make myself easy to get.  I am unique and quality, and others should have to work to get me, just as I expect the one I would achieve to get would be a worthy item worth my time, as well.

So, don't put yourself on the discount rack in the back.  Shine as the quality merchandise you are and make other work to earn you.  Your value will last much longer, afterwards.

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