Thursday, July 8, 2021

Final Post on Blog

 I deleted the last playlist, as well as a few posts before it.  I mentioned in the past that a lot of my playlists were led by a combination of divination like divine leading and my own working through issues.  A few weeks ago, that all kinda.... completed.

That doesn't mean that I proclaim myself complete, and I don't have the relationship that will happen at some point.  However, the issues that I needed to work through, and which I think those in breakup-relationship gap face, are complete in my life and reflected in both the music and the playlists.  I need to update the song lists with a few of the most recent.  However, after that I am going to spend my mind that has been focused on working through this and solving world problems on my social media to begin the process of personal rebuilding in my own life that dovetails perfectly with the end of this blog.  

There it a trajectory in several of my recent posts and social media that lead to this exit.  First, it is better to focus on your future over your past and your desires over your pains.  Second, your most attractive self is your happy and loving self, which you cannot be if you are opening your wounds.  It is important to open them to clean them out and heal, but you get to a point when that job is done.  I'm at that point. I no longer hold ill will to those that chose to go another way... what does it accomplish, anyway.  I wish them well.  My most attractive quality is when I am able to provide emotional support to someone, as well as being established enough to provide dates and gifts... things I can't do for a few more months on a plan that is in place and on which I am progressing.

I will talk about my financial progress as well as financial opportunities on my other blog.  I plan to add a similar song list to that page, but it will be less relationship and more inspirational for your financial journey.  This blog has served its purpose for me, and I hope it does for you.  Then, you too can move FORWARD to happiness by closing the book and taking your next step to prepare to be the person your future love will enjoy.

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