Sunday, August 1, 2021

Acceptable Risk

A note before the blog... I've ended and posted the many posts I put there since the start of the month back to this blog.  The reasons are A.. my financial goals are a part of the complete picture of happiness I seek and B.. the blog wasn't getting traction.  I try things and make adjustments, as noted in a recent post, and that attempt wasn't working.  There will be separate tabs for finding different topics of my posts at the top.


Acceptable Risk

When I was learning accounting and took my auditing course, I heard the term "acceptable risk" in the course, and it blew my mind.  I thought accounting was all about eliminating risk, and I thought auditing would be even more so.  However, here I was in an accounting-auditing graduate level course learning about acceptable risk.  What did it mean?  

Basically, if you are intent on eliminating ALL risk, you will paralyze yourself with analyzing every little thing and will fail to try new ventures that cannot be risk free at the start.  There are many things in business that cannot be risk free, and indeed it is often risky things that have the greatest potential.

Needless to say, I have lived by that example.  I've taken risks on relationships, jobs, blogs, and even living locations.  In the last year, I moved across country without social links or a savings and took a job in an expensive area to be near my daughter.  In those months, I've had many different times where I was one step from destruction.  Indeed, over the last several weeks I worked hard KNOWING that if my car were to suddenly break down I would be unable to sell it, unable to work, and unable to pay my weekly rent.  However, faith drove me forward.  Now, I am in a secure situation with a credit card able to handle the risk and increasing savings to guard me.  However, I would not have GOT here without the ability to take acceptable risks.

The same is true for romance.  I'm not to the level of financial stability I want to be to really start dating, and I am doubtful that people will be as apt to date with the Democrat scare tactics on covid, lately.  However, I've decided to start looking at the apps and getting out of the house from time to time.  My past experience hasn't shown me success, but I am learning and adjusting.. including the political leanings of others, different apps, and different profiles.  My past experience has also not been successful, but ... "Happiness isn't something you sit around and wait for" as Selena Gomez says in Dance Again.

You can't eliminate risk, and if you did you would find your living doesn't include much living.  Further, my experience has taught me that even what appears to be very secure is not always so.  So, I'm willing to start taking some acceptable risks in other areas of my life than money.

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