Sunday, August 1, 2021

Be a Jackass


 One of my favorite movies is Serendipity, and one scene of the movie has a great quote.  They are flying across country chasing a dream, and Jonathan's friend calls him a Jackass, and he says..

"Do you remember
the philosopher Epictetus?
- You remember what he said?..
He said, "If you want to improve,
be content to be thought
foolish and stupid."
That's what you've done...
Now I want to be a jackass."

 This quote is especially true in our current age of communism's attempt to rise.  We just saw a communist dictator crush opposition within our own hemisphere, and the "liberal" left that has said they were for freedom backed the communist government crushing freedom.  The BLM founders that spend a year protesting in the streets backed the POLICE brutally harming citizens for speaking out.  One could say that it had to do with the color of the skin of the protestors, but I think it has more to do with the fact that the founders of the movement are self confessed Marxists.

We live in a time where prosperity is seen as evil.  The more God blesses you with prosperity, the more evil you are in their view, while having very little and complaining about it is the norm.  It's not new, and it's not American.  This is how it has been and is in EVERY communist government land.  They all devolve into a place where everyone is equally poor, and the government message is that you should not want for more... wanting for more than your share is selfish in their view.  It makes you a ... jackass.

One of the things my life has taught me is that few if any are looking out for you.  You have to do it for yourself.  If you want to succeed, you are going to be condemned by those that are failing.  The irony is that the loudest voices that speak against the rich are... rich. Bernie is a millionaire.  Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post and Amazon, pays no taxes and is one of the richest men on the planet.  Biden is a millionaire.  In fact, almost EVERY member of Congress is wealthy, and politics has become a competition of who can pretend to care about the little people, while they spend their time in private schools, large fences, and security from.... you.  You would do well to model your life after THEIR LIVES, instead of their words.  However, you will be condemned by them for doing it.

So, how do you want to live your life... believing in your future and making strides of effort to build yourself up into someone condemned for having, or will you debase yourself for others that don't even know you existed... and even if they did they would not help you with the money they save for themselves.  Don't fall victim to the lies of rich people and make yourself poor.  Have the self respect to be a leader in your own life to victory, instead of a follower leading to death.

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