Sunday, August 1, 2021

Be Worthy

 The very first blog-book that I wrote a long time ago was called First Edition.  I picked that name, because everyone seems so intent on being a copy of a copy of a copy.  I said back then.. like maybe a decade ago, I forget when that book was done... that everyone just wanted to determine what the lowest common denominator was.  People were not interested in being the best they can be but just good enough to not be worse than the average, which is why so many respond right away with... but everyone does it.

The same is true about money, ESPECIALLY in our current days.  We just went through a year of people being so comfortable with not working and waiting on a government check because... everyone was doing it.  It got so bad that when jobs actually DID start to open back up, again, they could not get employees... people had got USED to being the lowest common denominator and didn't want to break the curve for everyone else.

Except... that means you get to be poor like everyone else, too.  I haven't had much luck over my life being able to count on or expect help from anyone else.  So, I am used to solving my own financial obstacles... and the obstacles of others with me.  What some saw as a life of low income was in reality a life of dealing with... huge medical bills after children being born, a daughter that spent 10 days in the hospital for pneumonia, having to spend time away from work to care for a family member with health issues and taking care of the house, needing to homeschool a severely ADHD child whose school didn't know how to teach at the time, and having to raise a baby and pay the bills while an ex had a post partum issue for years.  But, I overcame and paid the bills and handled the needs.  

So, when I had to relocate in the middle of a pandemic last year, I did.  I found ways to make money, found ways to live on very little, and found ways to grow my options.  Even now, much of the world, including ex's, are about to start getting 250-300 per month per child for the rest of the year, but I will not.  Yet, while the general population can feel SAFE by the benevolence of the government, I will have the CONFIDENCE of knowing that I can not only survive but thrive.  As with many of my successes in my life, they were brought about by the LITERAL sweat of my forehead.  This will be no different.

Now, this is different, whether you be a man or a woman.  I won't spend time debating it, but as a former liberal defender I can tell you that no matter the political party the MAN will be blamed for not stepping up and providing for their partner or children... even if many liberals will condemn the man for doing it as being sexist.  The same is not true for women and work.  However, I don't think that is all that bad.  Women bear children, raise children, and do much to care for their men.  I don't think it wrong at all if we let men take care of them.  But, given this, I said this.  

If you are a man out there waiting on the government to pay for your needs and your family, shame on you.  Step up and grow a pair.  Regardless of whether they thank you, everyone... including them.. will blame you for failing to rise to the challenge.  So, when life throws you the challenge YOU need to face, be worthy of your role.

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