Friday, August 6, 2021

Don't Stop Believin' in Yourself

So, I will start off this blog with an update.  I have another car.  This morning, I ubered around town to get my ducks in a row to get my newest car on payments.  It's not a new car but rather old.  However, it is much better than the last car that I had that was not on payments.  Further, the payments AND insurance come to less than half of what I would have had to do if I had used a rental car for driving Uber, so there is hope for saving up investments and one day a house, after all.

Now, I do have to give some credit to God, because I believe that he gave me the idea to get the credit card that would ultimately make this possible, and I think he had a hand in prompting me to try one more time to get a car on payments, after already failing to do so another day.  It was sorta a fish on other side of the boat deal, and it prospered this time.

That said.... I did the fishing.  I never gave up on myself through this whole week.  That doesn't mean it was easy or peaceful.  My muscles are sorer from all the anxiety than they ever wore lugging heavy things around with jobs.  It didn't help my blood pressure, either.  However, from the FIRST moment that it happened...when I came outside and saw no car, because it had been stolen, I knew that there would be a solution.... I just had to find it.  Every time I ran into a brick wall, I said.. ok that doesn't work, on to the next.

Indeed, if this had not happened, I would have rented a car through the hyrecar app and used it to drive, which would have cost much more and required more hours of driving to cover the costs.  However, I would have done it.  Meanwhile, I have 19 different applications and options that could solve this, as well.  Indeed, if SOME of those come back with an interview, I would still go to them... now with a car.  And, I am still considering college.  So, this week actually expanded my potentials and options.  The car, itself, is much better than the last one, so this is an upgrade, as well.  I have to reflect on the fact that I prayed that if I was under a curse that I would, instead, be prospered in the opposite direction of the attack and wonder if that was not the outcome, after all.

But, the final note that I will leave you with is this.  If I had faced the attack and said.. woe is me... God please help me.. and sat around and did nothing, I would have received NOTHING.  God helps those that help themselves, as Benjamin Franklin said.  You have to put legs to your faith.  When bad things happen, like me believe that you just haven't found the answer, yet... then, go out and find the answer.  That is the way you make your dreams happen.

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