Sunday, August 1, 2021

Faith Without WORKs is Dead

You have to believe in yourself and your dream to have a self employed business, and that faith needs to be based on realistic goals.  However, if you don't have WORK, your faith is dead and will only end up being a self fulfilling prophecy of your own doubts.

This is true of relationship, as well as business.  It doesn't matter how much you say that you care for someone, if you are not doing something VISIBLE or TANGIBLE to display it, the starvation of that relationship will run its course... and it doesn't matter how much you defend your intents or internal feelings at that point.

Whether relationship or work, you need to show up each day and do something to get a result.  The seed must be planted, watered, and harvested.  This is true, even if you don't HAVE the relationship or business yet.  At that point, your WORK is searching for the best soil for the attempt, gathering the seeds necessary, and beginning the process of establishing the connections necessary to make it happen.  

A famous phrase says that you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take, and it is true.  If you don't believe in your dream enough to try, why should anyone believe in you enough to invest THEIR time in YOU?

So, believe in yourself, even when critics don't.  Their lack of faith and doubts they have about you invalidate them as a valid critic, since they have already chosen their faith....that you will fail.  Instead of proving them wrong, simply find others that do believe and draw your inspiration from them.  Then, put feet to your faith and go.  That is not only the best way to run a business but to live a life.

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