Sunday, August 1, 2021

In Praise of Choice


 Don’t you like choice?  It’s great that we can choose to be in one group or another… to listen to one person or walk away.. to do one job or another?

I had someone angrily unfriend me, because after he replied to my post on my page with his objection I asked him to provide a link to data to back up his opinions.  He couldn’t so he left.

When people do that in a huff, they think that by leaving you they are getting back at you, as you will be without their presence.  However, if you having an opinion offends them that much, they probably weren’t a very good association, anyway.

I applaud them having the freedom to walk away, though.  It’s the same freedom I have to remove others that are not supportive or are condescending.  Freedom is a beautiful thing.  It gives us the ability to live our lives our way.  We can choose to use our degree and experience to seek money or fame or we can choose to seek more personal freedoms, and doing so doesn’t make us unwise or irresponsible.

For example, I have an MBA and accounting experience in big corporations.  I could be seeking a high paying job.  Except.. I like being able to relax and follow my own schedule.  I like being able to go where I want and do what I want .. I can go to the beach or a park when I want.  Many people work their whole lives to have the freedoms I have right outside my door.  So.. what’s the benefit of taking a higher paying job to have to wear dress clothes, work under artificial light, and miss the sunshine… so that in 5 years I can be back to doing near my lifestyle, now.

But, it’s a choice.  Someday, I may find a job that provides a better lifestyle that I like, or not.  

I have a choice on how I spend my money.  I can save my money or blow it on risky bets.  I can give it to charity, use it for dates, or invest it in my future, because it’s my choice.

In an age that seems consumed with trying to tell other people what’s wise to do in their lives, maybe we should give them the grace of freedom that we all so cherish in our own lives.

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