Sunday, August 1, 2021

It's In the Little Things

 Someone recently told me they didn't want to do something to get money, because the thing I suggested would not be worth the time for as little as it paid. While it is true that you should focus the most of your time on the items that paid the most, it is a mistake to think the little things don't add up.

A lot of people wouldn't do the work that I do, or they would be depressed and anxious about it.  In my Ubereats income stream, I get paid by delivery as an independent contractor.  There is no hourly wage to any of my income streams.  While it is POSSIBLE to get 15-20 dollars for an order, it is rare.  Most of my deliveries are under 10 and many are under 5 dollars.  I just make sure the amount per the amount of time needed for it works out to a good enough per hour income and go.  So, my income builds over the course of the day.  As for Mturk and prolific, tasks can be under a DOLLAR and take 10 minutes or more.  Even though I don't focus the most of my time on them, I still do them to a lesser degree.  Similarly, I get 10 cents a day with Smore, and I play scratchoffs and games that may earn me 5-10 dollar a month.  Why?  It adds up.

Last week I made 570 dollars from these incomes, including 10 dollar usertesting tests, as well.  This week, I expect to make more.  So, while others are out there hanging out for the big sales and getting little of anything, I am paying the bills and putting money away.  It's really just the price curve of capitalism.  If you charge too much or too little for yourself, you destroy yourself.  Too little, and you don't get what you deserve.  However, if you expect too much for yourself, you can find yourself rejected, completely.

So, while it is important to believe in yourself enough to go after bigger and better things, never take for granted what the little things can do.  For one thing, they can pay the bills and give you peace.

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