Sunday, August 8, 2021

My Modern Life Examples that God Was Right

 If you are like me, first of all I feel for you.  Either because of your youth or past or due to just seeing too much media marketing out there, you have learned to question things.  It's a good policy for current day life to make sure that verify things and don't believe what you see without seeing actions, as well.  We currently have a President that is actively breaking all of his promises, and his followers praise him for doing what he campaigned against. People that say they HAD to elect him for things that Trump was doing, which Biden is now ALSO doing.. but that doesn't matter, as long as he has a D next to his name.  At least with Trump, EVERYONE knew what he wanted and was going to do.  He was very honest in that way.

But, speaking of people that keep or break commandments of bearing false witness, this blog post is not about politics but about Scripture, itself.  Further, it's going to draw from my personal experiences, because many LIKE ME don't like to just believe something because someone tells them, which can even cause us to question things like Scripture itself.  Do I believe there are problems with Scripture and that there is a lot of human influence that went into the words in that book, yes.  But, does it contain truths we should follow?  Yes.

In the latter years of my life, so far, I have found myself confirming in my LIFE things that I doubted or questioned in the Scripture.  I guess God teaches you in one way or another... in a book or in what you have to learn by experience.

For example, I questioned that Scripture gave specifics as to the position of a man at the head of the family and woman under him.  I can feel my readers beginning to get defensive, but hear me out.  What I have discovered in my long life of questioning it is that ALL sides still believe this to be so, even among liberals that push for equality.  If you want a family (and that's the question as some pushing this also are single or divorced), you will find both political parties, men's magazines, women's magazines, romance books, romance movies, etc ALL have a storyline of a protective and providing man (sometimes a PRINCE) that values a woman and they love how he romances her.  There are NO romance stories written or movies made of a kept man that is romanced by the woman.  And, it was in the CAMPAIGN for a Democrat President to ask women to be stay at home moms taking care of their children.  Can this change in time?  I'm not entirely sure that the HORMONES of each would allow that to happen; however, even if it did, it is not happening now and hasn't for thousands of years.

Next... while I do believe that sometimes divorce is necessary, I have found Biblical warnings against divorce to hold a lot of water.  My first divorce was my choice.  I think I probably was too eager to get a divorce, instead of trying to make it work out.  There are things that make me think that it could NEVER have worked out.  However, I didn't stick it out, which led to years of having to rebuild financially and socially and a lot of stress over the kids and more.  So, NOW, I am on the receiving end of the same flippant ease of divorce, when my ex wife just decided it was over and refused counseling.  She changed me like changing an outfit, and that the the level of commitment in our society, today.  It's actually one of my concerns as I consider dating, again, since many of those I would date are divorced (if not all) which would lead to a question of how easily THEY would exit, as well.  I want someone that feels it is a BAD thing to break your COMMITMENT and therefore tries to make it work, even if it cannot be saved.

A tangent of that point is when God warns us in Scripture not to be unequally yoked with a non believer.  When someone is not a church going Christian that bends their will to God, why should we expect them to bend their will to us or to see a problem in leaving in that will.  No one is perfect, and someone that understands that would be more forgiving and less judgmental and condemning.  They would go through a relationship with eyes half shut to find happiness... something I read about in a James Dobson, Christian marriage, book... before he was condemned by society.

On LGBTQ, I still maintain that it is a legitimate choice and honor the choices of those that make it.  Honestly, there are times when I have questioned if my life would be easier in that way.  But... that's the thing.  It's NOT easier being LGBTQ.  It's hard, and you would find yourself judged and with limited options for partners.  When you did find someone, they would.... like above... not feel obligated to honor other Bible principles like staying married.

I guess what I'm saying is that I think we often throw the baby out with the bathwater and lose important guidelines for life, when we CANCEL CULTURE the Bible.  It's been around for a long time, and I can point to MANY ways that my life would be more whole and happy, had I followed the principles that are found there. Just wanted to make that known.

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