Thursday, August 26, 2021

Opposites Attract

 Sorry for the gap of no postings.  I had to take care of some financial needs that popped up.  I have now almost completely covered that gap... the rest I can take care of driving on Friday night after work and Saturday morning.  Otherwise, my pay from my new job will begin making my life easier and with more free time, beginning this weekend.


Last night, I kept feeling like I should watch You've Got Mail, and I logically talked myself out of it, saying I am not focusing on relationships right now.  That may be true, but I think God is preparing me for that, when it comes.  So, I kept getting scenes from that movie in my mind (I've seen it a billion times), and I realized that the two main characters in that movie were very different from each other.  Joe is a businessman that has a business drive that is more powerful than personal things.  He even tells Kathleen, "It's not personal.  It's business."  Kathleen is a very personal person that lets her emotions run over her business sense at times.  That isn't to say that Joe doesn't have a personal side that he reveals in conversations with Kathleen, but it's not the face he shows, while it is one of thing things that Kathleen likes in seeing the real him behind his occupation and actions he has to do.  It's a nice thing to be seen, and that is one of the things that attracts Joe.  However, the prejudice of their appearances and jobs kept them apart for most of the movie.

Meanwhile, there is another show that I love and that I did end up rewatching some of last night, Last Man Standing.  This is just the latest in several shows that all had a similar dynamic... tough manly man and kind woman family, like According to Jim, Home Improvement, Still Standing, and more.  In all cases, the man and the woman of the family were very was a man and the other a woman.  The man didn't want the woman to be a man, and the woman understood the man as a man and didn't want him to be a woman.  The thing that unites them is their respect and interest in each other.  You can be interested in something you are not or will not be.

And, THAT is the problem that is destroying relationships and makes it so hard to find someone, nowadays.  We have been fed a storyline that we need to find someone LIKE us to date, and we are told to criticize the differences in our mates.  That will eventually lead to everyone divorced.  In FACT, in You've Got Mail, both Joe and Kathleen began the movie WITH people like them, which they found unattractive.  

So, when I do start looking to date, I will expand my search to those with whom I disagree, because the only real thing that is important in the search is .... do I like what they have to offer and am I offering what they like.

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