Sunday, August 15, 2021

Personal Update and Site Update

First.. a personal update.

After my car was stolen, I got a car on payments for making deliveries.  It increased my weekly expenses by 125, but I made my goal and paid my bills.  So, it works.  However, I just got accepted for an accounts payable contract job that pays more, and I am taking it.  

For quite a while, I have been feeling that I should not be struggling with an MBA and accounting experience.  So, I began applying to jobs.  Accounting is an interesting field in that if you step out of it for just a few years you become almost irrelevant to many employers, as the system software and procedures have changed.  Plus, my experience was in tax and oil and gas revenue, and there is no open options in this area in those fields.  However, with my experience and this job, I can and will rise up a new accounting career, and the beginning pay.. while lower than other accountant pay.. is much better than my current level.

With this new pay level, I should be nearly 900-1000 over my bills within a month, which will allow me over the next month to mail the remaining things to myself that I have not been able to ship from Oklahoma, get back on monthly rent at my residence (currently weekly which costs 200 dollars more), and begin both enjoying the life I have and saving for the future.... in short... the destination path checkpoint I have been trying to achieve for a year.  I was almost there with the Housing agency job, but that job was A> not accounting.. didn't draw off of my experience and didn't share the same introvert-data likes that I have, B> was dealing with difficult and angry people when I tried to get their documents for their own benefits, and C> had no room for advancement.  This, on the other hand, should only rise.  Also, I have come to realize that in all areas of my life I display the characteristics of an accountant that needs verifiable facts, create systematic methods to analysis, and comes to conclusions... whether that be in relationships, politics, or more.

Another part of my career choices over the last few years was that my father died when he was in his 60s.  I haven't talked about this, but it has weighed on me the question of if I would live longer and if not needed to enjoy my life, BEFORE my retirement age.  However, recent reflection has me realizing that he died of cancer.  He was a lifelong smoker, and this was head cancer.  He is one of 12 brothers and sisters, and out of those only 2 have died to my knowledge.  The others would be in their 70s or 80s.  Yes, I have high blood pressure, but it is controlled on meds and my cholesterol is WAY lower than it was a few years ago.  There is no reason I should not live longer than my dad.  So, I feel more free to spend my next decade or more working up the career ladder, again.

This is also true as relates to romance.  I have no need to rush into anything, now.  And, my recent realizations include that women will be much more attracted to a man with career success than one struggling.  So, a career pursuit satisfies that goal, as well.

Finally.. a site update... I have removed my romance related songs from the right side of this page, as well as my breakup recovery book link.  I still value all of those songs, and you can still follow the tab link to my youtube playlists, though I probably won't be making many playlists for now.  My focus for week has been and will continue to be fixing MY life and getting myself in a place of stability and growth.  I need to get to that financial point I mentioned, above, and then move onto things like getting a satisfactory savings/investment amount for my future, getting into a better housing situation (I could probably pay off that housing bill holding me back within the next year), rebuilding my clothing needs for work and such, and holidays and presents...INCLUDING a new plan I have to offer money to my oldest daughter that is not talking to me or my ex.  Maybe if I start sending her money every month (even just a little) she may feel like reading my messages and possibly restore the family links.  Who knows.

Regardless...THIS path, more than focusing on what failed before, will lead to my happiness.

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