Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Personal Update.. Car Stolen

 My vehicle was stolen over the weekend.  I want to use this situation and my response to show you how you respond to challenges that come.  It’s not my first time responding to big changes, so I’m getting rather experienced at it.

When it happened, I realized my income had just been nearly wiped out, as I use the car to earn it.  I had just got a thousand dollar credit card for emergencies, so that would be my first lesson.  No matter how positive things look or how secure you feel, prepare for the unexpected.  In my life, it has become rather common, actually.

The credit card wasn’t enough to get another car.  It might in combination with what was in the account pay for a months rent instead of weekly, but then what?  So, second lesson is think longer term than immediate bills.

I made a list of options and calmly went through them.  I was calm, because I have faith in my wings.  I’ve come back from setbacks, before.  So, third lesson is trust your ability to find solutions.  Most problems have a solution.  When they don’t, just ask a different question.

I started applying to accounting jobs, even as I was considering options.  This wasn’t a matter of settling, as I have been considering that for weeks.  However, you never know so I kept thinking.  And, that’s the fourth point.. don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Keep expanding all options, till you find one that works.

I realized that with my credit and Uber income, it would be hard to get a car on payments, but I recalled that Uber has a program in bigger cities to let you use a rental car with a partner to do Rideshare/delivery.  Researching that, I saw it was VERY expensive., will pay as much for the car in a month as rent… but I budgeted it to see it will work with the amount that I already planned to be making.  Before it was going to be to save, and now it will be barely over expenses but it works, and I like the job.  It is important to do what you like, especially as you will be spending most of your waking hours doing it. So, that’s another point.  It is also a point that it is important to establish a “safe” option that WILL work, even if you explore better options during it.

Finally, I will keep looking for a job that pays more or housing less expensive, but this works for now and will actually build my credit as I use and pay down my credit card and my higher income needed to make this work with driving an extra hour daily will result in higher income to show future apartments or such.  So, final points are 7. Always keep improving and 8. Everything has positive sides to it, and it’s good to find them, even if you want to improve on them.  Your ability to succeed with ANY option makes you more peaceful and confident in all of your life.

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