Sunday, August 1, 2021

Self Employment Work Tips


 Here are a few work tips I have developed over my years of being a freelancer and being self employed.

1.  Treat your work like a job.  That sounds funny, but there is the temptation in your flexibility to say.. not today and watch Netflix or walk on the beach.  Those things are important on off times, and it is important to not work too much.  However, if you intend to be successful, you need to work like you are working under full time employment.

2.  Be your own boss.  Again, that is interpreted as being relaxed, but what I mean is to boss yourself a little.  Be critical of your own performance and don’t let yourself off where you would judge another.

3.  Focus the most time on the tasks that pay the most per hour.  Why waste time and energy?

4.  Always do a little more.. when you are feeling like you are done, give it another 15 minutes.

5.  Keep track of your projects and success.  It will help you know what is working.

6.  Be realistic if your costs.

7.  Finally, have fun with it.  It’s your workplace, so choose the music and environment that will make it the most enjoyable.

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