Sunday, August 1, 2021

Stop Sacrificing Progress for Image

 I'm reviving this blog.  In the span of the last few months, I made a similar mistake from my past, and I came to the same results.  Several times over the last few years, I have felt the need to get a "professional" job.. or a non self-employed one.. because it was more accepted.  Since when have the majority of people got ANYTHING right?

Anyway, I got a job back at Dillards, where I used to work, and I had a similar result than the last time I worked there and at other places of employment.  Within a week, I was doing the job of multiple people.  They promised they were going to hire someone to help, but two months into the job, they still had not done it.  Why would they?  From my experience in work and from my MBA training, the companies want to pay as little as they can for human resources, so if they get someone willing to do the work of two or three, cha ching.  It's literally WHY we had labor laws setup in the first place, and those laws are all being suspended now for various reasons.

I was also making less than I was with Ubereats delivery and online income, due to taxes being taken out, yet the GROSS amount was counted in food stamps, causing me to loose those benefits.  Overall, I had a negative 450 impact on my net income for choosing the "employment" option over independent contractor.  And, for that less pay, I got to work much harder, more physically demanding, be pushed with deadlines, and have my work ignored by middle managers even as those managers took credit for my labor... which is true of ALL employment structures in this country.

I have noted this in the past, but Tarot has a card for addiction that is the Devil card.  My devil card addiction has always been exactly this.. pushing myself into career "professional" settings that had a negative impact on my life.  I do it, because I feel that it will look better and that it would provide me more options.  The reality is that rarely ANYONE is even noticing you, and they wouldn't value you any more for a professional job than for online and delivery or whatever you choose.  The reality is that those people are just looking at themselves and what you can provide to them, and they don't really care what you do to do it.  The few that DO see titles and image over substance are WAY out of my league, anyway.  Those people have big houses, fancy cars, and would want you to spend away your little income on things they throw money at doing, leaving you poorer and less interesting to them in the end.  By choosing to become an image, you end poor and alone.... compared to the money you could save and enjoy yourself by choosing the publicly rejected life of self employment.

I will be doing more financial blog posts about income options like I used to do, and I will be adding investment posts, as I reach the level to start investing in about a month.  I used to invest and post about it, when I was working self employment.  Then, when employed, I was too poor to invest... coming back to my point.  Don't sacrifice progress in your life to confirm the stereotypes of others.  You don't have to suffer with them in their own life failures, when you have discovered the keys to happiness in your life.  They will probably come to the same realizations and make the same choices later.  Then, how will you feel for letting them distract you?

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