Friday, August 13, 2021

Victims and Victors

 I took a course years ago in Victimology.  It was actually from a rather liberal school, but it was a sociology course that studied it.  I remember at the time it had a book by Wayne Dyer, which at the time I didn’t like, as it challenged a lot of my perceptions.  One part of it was about those that rise being those that took responsibility for your life rather than using blame.  I thought it was cold to not sacrifice for others, but time has a way of showing us things are not as we believe.

I think our society, today, shows us what happens when we make being a victim trendy.  Suddenly, everyone is a victim, everyone is bad, and few act to improve their own situation, since it is more socially accepted to live a life of complaints than growth.  Yes, there are bad things that happen, but that shouldn’t stop us, or do you all think I should just live at a homeless shelter and blame my ex wife and others for not helping me?  No.. no matter what others do to me, I am responsible for my own choices, so I will choose to make them count.

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