Sunday, September 19, 2021

Doubt Your Doubts and Believe Belief

 Many years ago, I used to say that we should doubt our doubts and believe belief.  There are several reasons for doing this, and I thought it was time to refresh that theme.

First of all, it is important to recognize that doubt IS faith.  It is not based on fact.  It is a belief that bad things will happen going forward.  Why would you do that to yourself?  If you HAVE to believe one thing or another, why not choose the good?

Think about it.  Let's assume that there was not a spiritual value in belief and no God was going to come to save you.  I don't believe that, but let's assume it.  Further, let's assume something else I don't believe that choosing faith or doubt won't have an impact on which you receive.  So, let's assume whatever you choose will end in the same result.  Do you want to LIVE with doubt, or would you want to LIVE with the drive and pep that comes from believing good.

That said, I do believe in the spiritual, but even more than the spiritual... I believe in the effect faith has on our own actions.  When you believe good will happen, you prepare yourself for it and you take strides towards it.  When you doubt it will happen, you withdraw and further guarantee little will result.

After each of my divorces (a decade apart), I believed it would destroy me.  I got defensive and guarded and withdrew, and for a long time I just survived.  But.... I survived.  With each day that passed, I felt less panic and depression, because I saw that life went on... I breathed, ate, exercised, and laughed at tv shows. Gradually, I realized that my doubt and fear was lying to me, and I began to feel that I could not just survive but grow and even thrive, after.  So, by doubting doubt, I began faith and that let me to more.

Your story is not over.  You have the pen and can decide what YOU do, today, and in the future days to come.  Doubt your doubts, and start taking steps towards a tomorrow that might be different but might be as good or better than the days that you left behind.

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