Sunday, September 26, 2021

My Dating App Choices

 I have mentioned a few things on my social media (myhappylifekc on twitter and instagram), but I thought it worthy of expanding my comments on recent revelations of dating apps and my own choices of using them.

Earlier this last week, I got an email from Okcupid.  I was not a current subscriber but had a profile on it.  It was actually one that I was GOING to subscribe to, but... then the email.  The email said that they were instituting a pro-choice "badge" for your profile, because they disagreed with the Texas Supreme Court case over abortion. Further, they said that they would be donating a dollar for each person that chose the badge to give to Planned Parenthood.

Now, I do believe that abortion ends a life.  That is my logical, religious, and philosophical decision about the issue, based on the facts that I see.  I also believe that it is currently legal under current law outside of Texas, until and if the US Supreme Court follows suit.  Keep in mind that the only reason it IS LEGAL is because of a Court decision and not because of signed law.  In fact that decision CHANGED passed law to make it legal.  Even in that Roe V Wade decision, they said the liberty was limited to ONLY a specific period of time that in their non medical analysis they concluded when a life began to have rights.

However, my objection to that Okcupid announcement goes beyond that conviction, and it should bother EVERYONE, regardless of your opinion on it.  Last year, they first started putting badges on the profiles to let people know about your covid response and, later, vaccination status.  Even at that time, I was bothered by this, even thought I am vaccinated.  The reason is that it is political, and dating apps should not be making badges to indicated that you are good, based upon whether that person is in agreement with the ruling political party.  This abortion announcement made it very clear that their actions were DIRECTLY because of not only a political issue but to oppose the political party that chose to do it.  In short, like the news channels that should be nonpartisan fact tellers, the dating apps also chose to become Democrat propaganda and promotion machines.  So, I deleted that profile, but I also deleted all other apps owned by the same company... Match, Hinge, Tinder, POF, etc.  The fact that so many dating apps were allowed to be bought by one company SHOULD have been an antitrust issue, all by itself.

So, I have chosen Eharmony and Christian Mingle as my dating apps.  If they follow the example, I will delete them, as well.  I will not participate in funding (even more so with recent rate increases) a Democrat promotion organization in order to find my love, and my choice to leave those apps would be something that the person that DOES like my convictions and leadership would respect.

I chose Eharmony, because it has a profile test and is only about 17 per month (once you pick your plan it goes to the installments part).  Christian Mingle I weighed for a while but ultimately did conclude it is the choice to do for me.  Here's why.

When I think about what I want in a dating and relationship experience, I understand that I am very old fashioned when it comes to values.  I want to give roses to women and open doors for them.  I want to work hard to provide for them and have them appreciate my giving.  I want a woman that while I support her choice to work looks to me to lead the dance of the romance.  My experience in liberal circles over the years helps me see that this cannot exist within the feminist movement that has taken over much of the dating app world, as well as society.  So, where do I look for a dating app that would have women that appreciate traditional male roles?  Eharmony and Christian Mingle seem a much better fit than apps where you look at someone's sexy pic and make a relationship decision as a result.  

I'm not saying that it will happen right away and may take longer than with the other apps, but I will like myself in doing it and am dedicated to that outcome... because if I have to change to get someone that doesn't share my values, what exactly would be the point of even dating this late in my life.

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