Saturday, September 18, 2021

My Testimony is Radioactive

 I speak my mind, but that's little different than many out there.  The thing that causes so many to dislike me is my testimony, which offends people on all sides.  I don't WANT to distance myself from them.  I am just objective and, as Shakespeare directed, I am true to myself and my experiences.  It does not mean I am not accepting of those that fit into categories or people that have rejected me.  My independent thought applies to individual issues or actions.  It does not apply as a broad brush of ALL that others believe, so I tend to find things with which I agree or like in all people.  However, I won't join them in prejudice of others that do not fit cookie cutter.  And, THAT is what is the problem.  They want to start a war with groups or people, but my testimony shows the other side can be good and their side can be bad.

Further, that testimony pops bubbles in their support of the group think, when I point out that the group think doesn't actually work or doesn't actually apply by my own experience.  With this, I end up offending Christians, witches, men, women, liberals, conservatives, etc.  It would be a lot easier in my life, and I would have ended up with romantic matches a long time ago, if I were willing to just go along with things.  But, I can't.  Why?  MY EXPERIENCE teaches me that people leave you... eventually... whether they become offended by you or they become matured by you to the point they no longer need you.  Then, what was the point of you changing your views.. or for that matter losing all your assets (thus why it is important to keep some as you give some to others).  It is best to be true to yourself, because my experience says in the end that may be your only company, anyway.

So, I will continue being radioactive to those that love prejudice of people or of fears, but I will value those that stay and respect my opinions as passion and conviction and acceptance, all of which go a long way in romance, as well.

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