Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Only the Courageous Thrive

 I made a note on my social media the other day about opportunities for people in this age.  Basically, I said that since so many people are afraid to work that there are opportunities for people to not just get employment but rise faster than others.  I am already seeing those doors opening for me with this job and my reputation is growing faster than it would in a full office of dedicated employees.

Another theme of recent posts that I touch on is how men have failed themselves and others by giving up their manhood out of not wanting to offend women with their success and because it was trendy for women to not want to receive help from a man for a while... after which the left elected a man and asked him to help them by paying for their bills while they stayed at home.  Then, those same women dream of a prince that would come and provide and defend them.... you know... the kind of man power they opposed.  However, I don't put the blame on the women.  They were just saying and believing what their magazines and shows told them at the time.  I put the blame on MEN for giving up their manhood..

And, in this culture of running from things... running from Afghan terrorists... the same groups that struck us 20 years ago..or running from budget limitations by putting all their plans on the backs of our children's future government debt... or running from responsibility by sitting at home and asking the government to pay your bills, we have become a society of cowards.  Yet, as I said, there is opportunity for those that believe and act.

That is not just true for jobs and money.  It is true for love and life, too.  I haven't found all that I want to find in those areas, but I KNOW I won't find it by sitting around and complaining.  So, I have been acting... working at a job, applying to dating apps, exercising, and more.

Everyone wants to succeed.  However, not everyone is willing to work for it.  Whether that be finding new success in those areas or saving or maintaining the good that you have, it is true that only the courageous will thrive and find the happiness that they desire.

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