Thursday, September 9, 2021

Recent Personal Reflections and Updates

 Taking a minute to bring together many recent personal reflections and updates, before beginning my workday.

Recently, I have been taking a lot of personal strides towards my future.  This began a while ago but has been more concentrated in the last few months.  I decided that I didn't want to continue being so financially tight, so I sought out solutions to that problem and began one (but really I was on a path, already, and have others that could have worked... there is no one best.. you just pick one and go).  

 Prior to that, I decided I didn't want to continue dwelling on failed romantic options but looking ahead to future solutions.  This week, I began an effort in that arena by signing up for a few dating apps, again, and will continue to do so.  My thinking on this was that faith requires action.  If you really believe, you should be doing something to make it happen.  Benjamin Franklin said that God helps those that help themselves, which is true and based on many Scriptures that require actions to be added to faith.  I recall the miracle stories of things like the scoliosis girl that bought dancing shoes and got the miracle.  I'm not saying God will give you a miracle, but that is actions added to faith.  It aligns with my comments on The Secret romantic movie that said you should focus on what you desire and attract it to yourself.  I added to that by saying you need to BECOME what others desire, as well.  Finally, I am spending money on dating apps, because you SHOULD be investing your assets in things you desire to accomplish or what's the point of having them.

This leads to my next point.  I want to continue improving myself... for myself.  Physical aches and age and time keep me from being as fit as I would like, but that is not the only way to be improved.  I want to improve my savings, assets, and begin stimulating my mind with books and more.  I'm considering taking some Psychology courses or other intellectual courses at a college, though that will come later.  I've even considered a counseling degree, but that would be a long term goal, if I did it.

I also want to keep taking risks.  I began investing again.. a tiny amount but a beginning.  Going forward I am budgeting money to save and money to invest each week.  Allowing spending slows my progress towards financial goals, but it lets me enjoy my path, more.. which is kinda the point.  It also lets me risk, which may or may not lead to rewards but is necessary to feel alive.  So, I will keep taking risks for investing, dating, and I am even considering the casino from time to time.

I want to pick a church in which to get active.  The one that I had chosen doesn't work well for the social side of me that desires interaction.  So, I will be looking for one in which to get planted.

I made a recent playlist and will begin those, again.  See the post below before this one for that playlist.  It is enjoyable and a good way to feel out things and process more than just relationships.  I like the new AvaMax song, a lot.

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