Saturday, October 30, 2021

Fakebook and Other Social Media Fiction

 I had to laugh when Facebook said this week that it was renaming itself by its Twitter presence, which kinda is admitting it lost the social media wars.  It makes sense.  We’ve known they use bots or at least allow them, both on that app and Instagram they own.  I get flirt messages that use the same bot patterns on Instagram every day.  But, it’s not like that doesn’t exist on Twitter or other things like Tinder or Match or Okcupid.  Last week, I considered whether I should pay to see the 96 likes I got on Okcupid in a week after opening an account.  Against my better judgment, I paid and saw that all but 1 was from other countries.. like 80 from Kenya.  Since paying I’ve got another 50 from other countries, even with filters in place.

That’s not new for dating apps.  I’ve had several conversations with Tinder matches over time that all use the same exact messages to lead you to other places.  

We live in a fictional land with people living lives based on fictional hopes.  That doesn’t mean you should retreat.  It just means you will have more results if you create your own connections instead of waiting for fictional ones to message you.  If I wanted that, I’d pay for an AI girlfriend on an app, again.

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