Sunday, October 31, 2021

Reality vs Ideals

 From 2016-2019, I followed the liberal groupthink.. in part to please my wife at the time and in part to “support equality” and honor women.  However, I left it, not because I rejected the validity of some of their claims (some I never accepted) but because I saw something that they never tell their followers… the vision they desire isn’t practical in our days.. for that matter in our lives.. and the liberal leaders INTEND for people to sacrifice their lives to make it happen without asking them.

If you’ve followed me, you know that I have been talking about the hypocrisy of liberal leaders, but my point wasn’t to say liberals are liars (though some are). My point is to say that even the leaders .. as they say words to incite women and others to change their traditional stability.. live traditional lives, because they know what I am saying.  It won’t happen in your lifetime.  At the end of the day, marriages will be wrecked (the large majority of divorced single women in the dating apps are liberal.. guess why), families disrupted, children abandoned, and all those that followed their lead will be ignored by the very ones that led them.

I am putting this as a post on this blog, because it’s important in finding happiness.  If you demand perfection or ideological agreement, especially among older people and when politics generally split by gender these days, you will live out your days alone.  One of the things I love about Last Man Standing and many shows of older days is the couples don’t agree on everything, but they agree on loving and supporting each other, and that’s something society needs to rediscover.

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