Thursday, October 14, 2021

Spiritual Beats Religious for Peace and Happiness

 At first, I was going to put this on my good old days blog, but it is more fitting on the theme of this one.

Even church members will tell you that religion is poison... then they will all claim to not be religious, as they proscribe exactly what you must do to be showing your "faith" correctly.

I have been part of a couple different religious and spiritual communities at different times.  I am still a believer in Christ.  I just don't think that Christ would be fitting in many modern churches.  After being a church delegate to general council and youth director in the Methodist church, I was also a security guard in an Assembly of God church, where revivalist Rodney Howard Browne was holding meetings for months.  I have been a greater at a Lifechurch.  Then, I finished a Bible degree and most of a seminary degree at a Baptist run university founded by Jerry Falwell... the same one that graduated Tobymac.

I've heard the religious teachings by all sides and why THEIR views were right and the other was wrong.  I've seen more emotional excesses and failures by church leaders and members than I ever did among atheists.  I've personally seen church members ignore me in my times of pain, and I've even heard some teaching that poverty was a sign someone wasn't right with God and to be with God is to be blessed, which misses the mark by a LOT.  Poor Jesus that was born in a location and manner that made him exiled by many would be judged a sinner by many of the modern believers.  However, I have seen true faith in some believers with true love.  These were usually the newest believers that had not been ingrained in the RELIGION just yet.

However, I have explore witchcraft, as well, and I consider myself a Christian witch, and I feel and have seen indications that God not only agrees but wants me to be outspoken about it.  I noted recently on my social media that I have always been a prophet/sage, and my feelings and predictions almost ALWAYS come true, even when I don't want them to be true.  Since a young age, I objectively watched and considered spiritual people... witches, Christians, other religions, Eastern meditation and yoga (keep reading), and even people that really like football or music or art.  People get SPIRITUAL about many things, because it is how their spirit connects to the world and the divinity that not only maintains it be exists WITHIN all of it.

As I began to observe my experience in RELIGION and my experience in the spiritual, I can say that being spiritual is better than being religious, objectively.  Why?  In my experience, those that are religious are prideful, judgmental, narrow minded, and small.  They are not connected to anything other than what they consider pure, which grows smaller and smaller as time goes.  However, those that are spiritual understand the world is much bigger than their understanding, and they are open to the possibility that they don't know everything, other experiences can be valid, and unlike those that are religious they feel GOOD about themselves and live their lives to be a part of the universal song of which they are only one instrument.  That gives them purpose, and it gives them value and hope, and I encourage you to consider how YOU play in that song, as well.

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