Saturday, November 13, 2021

A Beautiful Work of Stability

 This is part two of a message that I wanted to share, this weekend.  See the post before this one for the other half.

I recall when I was growing up that I saw my dad's drawing board that he had, where he did drafting for highways and such, before I was born.  He would go into construction, afterwards.  However, those books had exercises to teach you how to draw, precisely.  In it, you learned how to very accurately draw a bolt or a screw.  I practiced and was able to do it pretty well.  Later, I would go onto more creative and more abstract kinds of drawing, but I never forgot the basics of a screw.

We live in a world where there is SO MUCH room for interpretation and abstract expression that doing it is no longer really abstract or different.  In fact, it is common, now, for people to have different views on gender, race, history, finances, etc.  Everyone has an opinion, and.. as noted in my last post.. everyone holds their opinion to a level of theology of being right or wrong, acceptable or not.  To refuse that or accept less than your perception is viewed as betrayal of yourself.

But... EVERYONE has their perception and desires for themselves.  If no one is able to compromise, you end up exactly where we are in society.. rooms full of people that all have too much conviction to actually get ANYTHING done or to work together or to maintain romance or find it.

It is not said enough, but you can believe something is true and not demand it.  It is acceptable to have a long term goal but to work within the society in which you find yourself.  I have a lot of views of ideal ways that society should be and even understandings of what would be more functional.  However, I know how society IS and WILL REMAIN for at least a generation.  A lot of people desire a work environment of equality, and they walk out the door if they don't get all that they want.  But... it's a job, and walking out the door makes you poor and makes you less likely to get employed, tomorrow.  In the same way, leaving a relationship makes you suspect in every future attempt.

Remember how I began this blog?  Even if you have abstract ideas or lofty goals, you are not living in that world.  You are living in this world.  In a world where everyone is dysfunctionally driven to self absorption, being someone that is able to draw a perfect screw... to live consistently and fulfill the needs of others.. is a very beautiful thing, and it takes great skill to do it, well.

You don't have to lose your goals or ideals, and you should try to make your life as good as you can, but if you are unable to accept less with joy and work within that situation, you will soon find yourself exiled, alone, poor, and unwilling to improve.

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