Thursday, November 18, 2021

Happy Confession

 Ok.. just as I noted on my other blog, today, the value of having both genders in a relationship and how both play an equal role, this blog's post is about one way that makes that possible.. as well as a truth that will determine if you are successful and happy in your career an income or not.  It is the ability to admit you are wrong.

I've noted on other blog posts how my recent decisions to go back towards the male gender I have always been more strongly and my going back to a higher pay has both contributed to my happiness.  Well, NONE of that would have been possible if it wasn't for my ability to admit what I was doing and the path I was on was not working.

I've told the story before of how when I worked at IBM, we had to do online courses as part of the job... courses from IBM in things like communication, work skills, negotiation, etc.  Anyway, I did a course in the IBM AI that they were developing on the operating system that was also proven a chess champion.  When they were talking about how it differed from others, they said that it could learn from its mistakes, just like a human.  That made me laugh.. many humans don't.  However, the ability to admit something was a mistake was a pre-requisite to learning from it.

In our pride, we feel that we will reach success if we stick to our road and do it even harder.  Yet, my experience is that it is those that are able to admit failure the quickest that would find success sooner.  After all, Thomas Edison had to fail 2000 times to have a lightbulb.  If I had not admitted things didn't work in my past, I would not have improved myself and my situation to reach a better state, and had others that rejected me admitted their wrong and made efforts to make the relationship work, they would be receiving the benefits thereof... both romantic relationships and my oldest daughter.  She got upset after I paid for her college when I wanted her to get a job and went to live with my ex.  My ex faced the same cycle, until now my oldest daughter doesn't talk to any of us.  However, last I heard, she was struggling, which would not be the case if she.. like the prodigal son.. was willing to break her pride and change her ways, instead of living without.

I have admitted my wrong to relatives and ex's, and while it has not fully restored my state, it has brought me peace.  Those that refuse to confess must live with bitterness and isolation.  Pride is not advancement.  It is a poison, while those that admit their error will be the first to rise and succeed in a new way.

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